The New Old Me

Everyone always talks about “The New Me”, but to me it’s not like that. I want to be the old me. The guy that used to run miles without huffing and puffing. The guy that ran out the door ready for every day. The guy that was slimmer and athletic.

I don’t want a new me. The old me was awesome. No seriously, he was. Life and responsibilities have changed him, though. There wasn’t enough time to do what I once did. This is changing however… I’M MAKING TIME!

I joined Gold’s Gym in the hopes of getting back into shape, becoming the young guy that ran 5Ks every weekend again. This time around I’m lifting weights too, with an eye for joining a local hockey rec league.

I started eating healthier. I realize that my metabolism was stronger when I was younger, but I also realized that I just didn’t eat as much crap when I was younger. I’ve actually been calorie counting, I can’t believe how energetic I’ve been feeling. It’s great really.

I hope I can keep this up, because frankly, it’s much easier to be lazy, but far less rewarding.


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