So I tried posting these posts a while ago, but for some reason WordPress was fighting me. Now that it’s fixed I’ll be posting 3 times today to get these drafts out there 😛

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a sports fan. I’ve enjoyed playing and watching all sports. My dad would go nuts during the World Cup, and I beside him would emulate as best I could. Eventually I developed my own passion for teams. First through a sweet old couple whose kids had moved away and built their own families, but still had their 4 Dodgers season seats, they’d invite my sister and I after having met us at our church. It was great I was a baseball fan, but could not grasp team loyalty, I was only 5 after all. I started collecting baseball cards which is how I finally started understanding the way teams worked and all, this led me to follow the Angels (my first card was a Rod Carew).

The when I was 11 everything changed, I learned about city pride from my sister (she was 16), I would also learn about what became my favorite sport. I was in sixth grade, and my teacher dressed up for Halloween. She was dressed as a Los Angeles King, complete with a black eye and “missing” teeth. She showed us highlights of the Kings failed journey to the ’93 Stanley Cup. Ever since then I’ve been a hockey fan. The team wasn’t as good as it had been in ’93, but I was a follower, and would slowing learn how dedicated and desillusioned Kings fans were.

In 1994 my dad’s dream came true as the World Cup was finally in our backyard. Unfortunately, we could afford tickets, so we did not get to enjoy it they way we hoped, but the atmosphere just being near a stadum was insane. My dad told me how crazy it was to go to a home town team’s games in his native El Salvador, and I would imagine how it was, but never truly knew. Thanks to a requirement from FIFA, the US Soccer Federation had to create a US soccer league, in 1996 MLS was born. My father and I finally had a home team, except we couldn’t really go to the Rose Bowl, it was too expensive for us, and we had no car. As much as we both wanted to go we couldn’t.


I graduated from high school in 2000 and immediately went into the working world, convinced that I would finally be able to afford the things I wanted. It didn’t go quite as planned. Minimum wage jobs didn’t quite get me there. However, by this time, both my dad and my sister had cars so I knew I was closer to enjoying my favorite teams. In 2003 the Galaxy would move to the Home Depot Center, and not wanting to miss this momentous occasion I bought partial season tickets.

I got Kings seats the same year, and after the 04-05 lockout I moved to the newly created Die Hard seats which lowered my ticket price and allowed me to upgrade to full season seats for the Galaxy. I met more dedicated Kings fans in that section than ever, and the next year at the Galaxy games I discovered the Riot Squad, the Galaxy Supporters group. These discoveries lead me to a new far more dedicated fanhood, which I’ve dragged my whole family through, lol.


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