About Sci-Fi…

I’m a huge fan of the Science Fiction genre. If it’s Sci-Fi I’ll try and watch it, though the really bad stuff I’ll turn off. This has of course led me to watch the Syfy channel on many occasions. Sometimes I’ve loved a show or a couple, but they rarely have more than a couple of shows that are good airing at once. Sometimes it’s because of budget concerns, others because of ratings, and others because the shows aren’t very good.

With my love of the genre comes knowledge of many shows, and it’s creators. Example, Joss Whedon has created many of the best Sci-Fi shows out there, thing is his shows get picked up by major networks and get cancelled when they can’t build a major audience. It’s very disappointing when they’re some of your favorite shows. The thing is Whedon gets the money to make his shows.

I’ve also wondered why Syfy doesn’t pick up cancelled Sci-Fi shows that had decent ratings. Decent ratings on a major network would be great ratings on Syfy. The loyal followings that these shows tend to build would be great.

All this has led me to an idea. Whedon and Syfy should team up. Whedon’s name would bring in money, and his shows would have good ratings on Syfy, and they should pick up the best of the cancelled series from the major networks. Not only would the line up be good now, the series that would have been completed on Syfy would have been huge dvd/bluray sellers.

Maybe with better ratings and money coming in they could have kept Stargate: Universe going, The Sarah Connor Chronicles might still be on TV, Firefly could be celebrating it’s 10th anniversary…

The things that could have been…


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