I haven’t posted in a few months. I’ve been neglectful.


Born and raised in Los Angeles I have been privileged to have sports teams of all kinds locally. I have become a huge sports because of this, passionately sporting MOST LA teams (more of that in a second). As I stated in a previous post, the Los Angeles Galaxy won the MLS Cup, and I was incredibly happy and drunk at the time. Now the Los Angeles Kings are in the Stanley Cup Final, and if they win it, I’ll be happier, and much, much drunker (is that a word?). The Los Angeles Dodgers have the best record in baseball, and the Clippers… THE CLIPPERS… made the playoffs, holy crap. This has got to be the best year ever for my favorite teams.


You’ll notice I’m not a Lakers fan, it’s the only LA team I don’t support. In my younger days having great pride in my city I supported all LA teams, but apparently Lakers fans feel you can’t support the Lakers AND the Clippers, so I told ’em all to fuck off and became fully devoted to the Clipper Nation. After suffering for so long there’s a bright future. The Clippers have good players, it seems they want to stick around (Chris, Blake… please sign extensions) and they showed a lot of potential. I really think they would still be playing if Chauncey Billups hadn’t been injured.


Speaking of suffering… My beloved Kings. The team that stands with the Galaxy as my favorite above all others, are in the Stanley Cup Final. I became a fan last time they were in the Stanley Cup Final. It was the first time I saw hockey. My 6th grade teacher brought highlights of their Stanley Cup appearance to my class that fall, it was great. Now they’re back and I’m a season ticket holder. Thanks Mrs. Brunell.

Now if only the Rams would move back to LA…