A Day In The Life of… Me

Student: “I’m trying to add a class but the website won’t let me.”
Me: “If it’s a full term class you have to get an add permit from the instructor.”
S: “Well where do I get the permit.”
M: “From the instructor.”
S: “Where is the class?”
M: “What class are you trying to add?”
S: “It’s something like PE 001”
M: “We don’t have a PE 001”
S: “That’s where it’s located.”
M: “We don’t have a PE building”
S: “UGH… (mumbles to herself)… It’s P”
M: “We don’t have a P building”
S: “(mumbles some more) It’s room P 00L!”
M: “I think you mean P O O L”
S: “Well where the hell is that?”
M: “It’s the Pool”